A History Of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs

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September 22, 2020  

Admin Note

September 22, 2020



This is a couple of quick announcements.

Tomorrow or the day after, I will be posting two new episodes, both much longer than normal – episodes ninety-nine and one hundred. I just want to say in advance that these are very, very long, but that *will not* be the norm from now on. I know most of you like the episodes being half an hour, and that's going to continue. Episode one hundred – the end of two years – is an important one, though, and the bands I'm covering are important, so I've stretched out quite a lot.

After that, the podcast will be on a break for two weeks, before year three starts. I'll be using that time to edit the book version of year two.

I've also taken the opportunity to make a couple of changes to the Patreon. I've enabled annual memberships, so if you want to join and pay for a year up front, you now can. You get a discount equivalent to two months free if you do that – so you pay for ten months and get a year. You can still just pay monthly though.

Unfortunately, to do that I've had to set it so that *everyone* joining from today on pays on the first day they join, and then gets charged normally from the first of the month if they're paying monthly. That means that if you join today and pay monthly, you get charged today and then also get charged on the first of October – but then from every first of the month from then on. That's not my choice, it's Patreon's, so be aware of that if you're very short of money. That said, you do get access to all the past Patreon posts from the first day you join, including about seventy bonus podcasts, so you're getting something for your money.

Also, from October the fifth, the Patreon will have the option to pay in your local currency, rather than just in dollars.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy episodes ninety-nine and one hundred.