A History Of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs

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November 15, 2020  

Apology for Delays

November 15, 2020


Hi, this is just a brief apology for the fact that things are going a bit slow at the moment with the podcast. I try to keep to a weekly schedule, but recently I've been having a bit of a flare-up of some of my chronic illnesses, which has in turn meant that I've not been sleeping very well, and it's very difficult to write or research when I'm brain-fogged. This has meant that instead of a seven-day episode turnaround, things have slipped a bit, and it's now taking about nine days, give or take, to get an episode done, and has done for a few weeks now. I'm recording this week's episode tonight, and it should be up soon – possibly tomorrow, maybe Monday – and I hope this flare-up passes soon and I can get back to my normal working speed. Thanks for your patience.