A History Of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs

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December 9, 2019  

Book Announcement

December 9, 2019

Cover of the book


This is just a quick announcement that the book based on the first fifty episodes of the podcast is now available for purchase. From Savoy Stompers to Clock Rockers covers forty-nine of the first fifty episodes – I've replaced the episode on Bill Doggett with a version of the Patreon-only bonus episode on Johnnie Ray.
It's currently available in paperback (UK) (US) and ebook versions, and there'll be links to buy it in the liner notes to this announcement and in the notes to every episode going forward, or search on Amazon for my name and the podcast title. I'll be putting out a hardback version shortly, for those who prefer that.
Patreon backers at the $5 and above level have ebook copies already, and I'll be sending out their physical copies over the next few weeks. Thank you.