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February 25, 2019  

Crowdfunding Update — Patreon and Kickstarter

February 25, 2019

This is not a proper episode of A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs – there is a proper episode I've uploaded along with this. This is, rather, an announcement of some new Patreon rewards, including a bonus episode, and a new Kickstarter. They actually went up a week ago, to mark the twentieth episode, but I forgot to mention them here. If you're not interested, skip this and go straight on to the proper episode. If you are interested, there are links in the blog post for this podcast.

First, there are two Patreon rewards. I've created an ebook containing revised versions of the scripts for every episode, reworked so they work as essays rather than as audio.

Secondly, I've done another Patreon bonus episode, this one on "Cry" by Johnnie Ray. I didn't think I was going to have much to say about this one, but it turns out I do, and I think this is a rather good one. Check it out.

As I've said before, I'm not going to do a regular Patreon-only podcast until the Patreon hits $500 a month, but I will do these occasional special extras as and when the mood takes me.

For non-Patreon people, I'm doing a Kickstarter to turn the ebook into a physical book, and put both on sale to the general public. This will be the same text that the Patreon people have as their ebooks, but in paperback and hardback format. I'll do this with each twenty-episode chunk as they come out. Patreon backers at the relevant levels will get the book in those formats whatever happens with the Kickstarter. The idea is that this will eventually be a twenty-five book series.

I want to stress though, given that this is a bit of a beg for money, that the podcast is, and always will be, totally free, and nobody is under any obligation to give me a penny for it. I don't want money unless you can afford it.