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December 23, 2019  

Guest Appearance Announcement

December 23, 2019



Hello. I am currently staying at my in-laws for Xmas without my recording equipment, and also have a cold, so apologies for how this sounds, but this is just a quick note to let you know that I recorded a guest appearance last year for a podcast, “So Here it Is”, about Christmas music, and it's gone up today. It's actually the first of *three* episodes about former Beatles' Christmas music that I guested on (as well as another episode of the show, which I appeared on last year), and I imagine these will be up over the next few days.

I've no idea if I made any kind of sense at all, as it was recorded over a year ago, but hopefully I did. You can find it at anchor.fm/holly-boson . I'll link the actual episode on the website.

Also, if you missed the announcement, I appeared on the TCBCast, a podcast about Elvis, last week. I'll link that on the website too, but it's at tcbcast.libsyn.com

Have a good Christmas if you celebrate it.


The links:

My appearance on "So Here it Is"

My appearance on TCBCast