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May 6, 2019  

Ways to Support the Podcast

May 6, 2019

Doing this podcast is important to me in a lot of ways -- and it is, effectively, a full-time job, although it's not yet one that pays the kind of wages one expects for a full-time job. But people have been very generous in their support, and I am confident that it will, in time, provide me with enough support to complete the project.

But also, this podcast tries not to be the normal kind of podcast where there are three calls-to-action and one commercial for every fifteen minutes of content. If I want to make an announcement about backer rewards or that sort of thing, I do it as its own little mini episode that people can safely ignore, rather than clutter up the stuff they want to listen to. Short-term, this might mean it will take longer to get support, but it means I'm not compromising the listener experience. The only time you'll ever hear me ask you to do anything in the main podcast is in the end credits over the theme music.

So, I thought I'd put together a page of ways you can support me. The podcast will continue whether or not you do any of these things. You are under no pressure to do any of them. Just do these if you can, and if you think me continuing to produce this podcast is something worth paying for.

The most direct way you can support me is just to send me money via Paypal or ko-fi. Money is good, in that it can be exchanged for goods and services I need to survive.

If you want to support me on a regular basis, you can back the podcast on Patreon for as little as a dollar a month. Patreon backers get occasional bonus episodes, and free copies of my ebooks (and paper books for higher tiers) when I put them out, but the main point of backing me is just to pay for the free content.

If you want to get something more for your money, but still support me, you can buy my books here. I write about a variety of topics, but I think listeners to this podcast might most enjoy my book California Dreaming: The LA Pop Music Scene and the Sixties, which is very much the same kind of thing as the podcast.

If you'd like to directly support just this podcast, anything you buy me from this wishlist will be used directly to improve future episodes, either technologically (like microphones) or to aid research or provide music excerpts. Some of the items on that wishlist will sometimes be only available from third-party sellers -- if you want to get me one of those and need my address, email andrew at thenationalpep.co.uk and I'll give it to you. Just promise me you won't send me any letter bombs.

And finally, while I keep the podcast ad-free, because I'm a writer, not a mattress salesman, and I don't want to make my podcast much less listenable for the tiny amount of money ads bring in, if you want to listen to an ad-supported version, you can listen to the podcast through RadioPublic, which inserts ads and pays me for your listens. If you don't object to ads and you don't have money to support me, this will help.

But most importantly of all, just do what I say at the end of every episode and tell one person about an episode you enjoyed. If I get enough listeners, and I make the podcast good enough, the rest will take care of itself.